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STL Law Library 法律图书馆: Remote Access to Peking University (北大VPN)

Instruction on how to use the PKU Main Campus VPN

​PKU Main Campus VPN allows you to search library resources remotely, and download various kinds of tools and software, etc. Here are a few steps to download the VPN:

1. Please go to and log in to the Beijing Campus online system. Enter your student ID and password (the original password is your birthday. For example: 19920101). See pic. 1.

2. Then, go to the Download Center and choose the “VPN” section: Download the VPN version you need.

3. Next, go back to your desktop, and click “Start -- All software – Juniper Networks – Junos Pulse”. Then click on “+”, see pic. 2.

4. Enter the information as showed in the following pic.3, then click “ 添加(A)”

类型(T):Policy Secure(UAC)或Connect Secure(VPN)


服务器 URL(S)

5. Then again, click on “连接”(the Chinese phrase button within the blue column in the following pic.4).

6. In the next, enter your username and password. You can select “保存设置” if you are using your own computer. Then you don’t need to log in again. See pic.5.

7. You are successfully log in if you see the following pic.6 show up. Then you can use the Beijing Campus online resources.

Log out when you are done by clicking on “断开连接”(the button following the check mark).


The above mentioned steps are based on WINDOWS system. It is similar in other systems except the Linux system.

For Linux system users, enter for VPN server on “登陆页面”.






Pay for your PKU Main Campus Internet

由于深研院与本部的网络管理并不相同,因此使用本部校园网需要另交网络费用,如您只需通过北大本部VPN访问其已经购买的数据库,网络资费为学生需10元/月,教工(含博士后)为20元/月。具体的收费标准,请参阅本部的校园网资费说明页面 。

Since the internet administration is separate between the two campuses, students and teachers in Shenzhen Campus have to pay to use the Beijing Campus internet service.

Payment Policy Students: 10 RMB / Month; Teachers & Post-doctoral student: 20 RMB / Month. For explanation on the payment policy, please refer to the Beijing Campus website:

充值步骤如下:Steps for payment:

1. 使用浏览器登录北京大学本部校园网网关 ,点击上方“网费充值”。

1. Log in to Beijing Campus online system by this link:, click on “网费充值”, which is the last white Chinese phrase on top of that webpage.

2. 输入您的学号与密码(初始密码为8位出生日期,如19920101),并选择喜欢的支付方式,完成缴费操作。

2. Enter your student ID and password (the default password is your birthday, i.e. 19920101). Select the way you want to pay and complete your payment.



Now, you can use PKU main campus Internet.