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STL Law Library 法律图书馆: Federal Government Websites, State Government Websites, Library Websites

Federal Government Websites

Congress. gov The Library of Congress's online source for legislative information. This site contains committee reports, the Congressional Record, and other legislative history documents. 

Federal Digital System The federal government's source for many government publications, including the Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Register. Provides access to a wide range of legislative history documents. Links to the e-CFR for updating federal regulatory research and the CyberCemetery of Former Federal Web Sites for locating archived versions of federal websites.

Library of Congress Search the online catalog of the Library of Congress and locate a wealth of legal and general information. 

United States House of Representatives Office of the Law Revision Counsel This site contains an electronic version of the United States Code.

United States Supreme Court The site for the U.S.Supreme Court. The U.S. government's official portal to a wide range of government resources.

United States Courts of Appeals Each federal circuit court of appeals has its own website; insert the letters ca and the number of the circuit as the identifier in the URL above to access a numbered circuit's site, e.g., ca1for the First Circuit; ca2 for the Second Circuit, etc. The Federal Circuit is identified as cafc, and the District of Columbia Circuit is identified as cadc. 

State Government Websites

National Center for State Courts Provide links to court websites for each state. 

Every state government has a portal that provides access to legal information for the state. You can locate a state's website using a search engine or through the library websites listed below. 

Library Websites

Law library sites can be used to search for a wide range of legal authorities, including state and federal cases and statutes, administrative materials, secondary sources, and legal news. Those listed here are good starting points for research, but many other library sites are also useful for legal research.

Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute 

Georgetown Law Library 

Washburn University School of Law Washlaw Legal Research on the Web