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STL Law Library 法律图书馆: Reserve a Room

Group Study Rooms


STL Law Library group study rooms are available for reservation by Law Students. These study rooms have the same restrictions as the Reading area (no food, drinks only in closed containers). Tables cannot be moved.

Some things to know:

  • Rooms may only be reserved and used by law students
  • Group study rooms are for groups of two. They are not meant to be used as personal, individual study spaces
  • Each group study room can be used as an open space for self-study if it has not been previously reserved. But please be quiet and keep the door open
  • Individuals can reserve a maximum of three hours in any given day; the three 60-minute time slots MUST be consecutive
  • Patrons must make the booking 24 hours in advance and reservations will be confirmed by email
  • Please be courteous and respect others' reservations
  • Reservations are necessary to assure room availability; those using an unreserved room must forfeit it to someone who reserves it for the same time period
  • You MUST leave the group study room when your reservation ends
  • Do NOT leave personal belongings in group study rooms