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STL Law Library 法律图书馆: Find an E-journal at the University Town Library of Shenzhen

Instruction to E-journals at UTL

1. Go to Home Page of UTL

You can search for e-journals on campus by clicking to access the UTL’s homepage. Then select the “Electronic Journal” option. (see picture below)


2. Search by Categories.

You can search for journals by title or categories. Click “Go” to proceed and you may see the link to the journal you are seeking. Click the link.


3. Choose One Target Journal

Listed are databases through which you can access your target journal. Click any of them. (For example, we are searching for the journal “China law and practice”) 


4. Enjoy Research in the Target Journal

You will be directed to the selected journal site and may begin to browse each issue or search within the journal. 

5. Here is the sample results page. You may select one of them to explore the contents. 

6. You can also search for e-journals off campus. See the instructions below.

Reach Resources via VPN

a. First, open the Internet browser and enter Please choose “continue” if there is a security alert pop-up on the screen. 


b. Second, you will be directed to a new page (illustrated below) and prompted to input your username and password. Note that you may have to download and install a plug in svpntool when you remotely access for the first time. 

The username and password is your Campus Network User Login.


c. Once you login successfully, you will be directed to this page below. Click 图书馆资源which means Library resources and access the UTL website as if you were on campus.

Follow instructions in each section we provide to continue your research. For further assistance, please contact STL law librarian. 


This is THE END of this Section.