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STL Law Library 法律图书馆: Find a book at the University Town Library of Shenzhen

Instruction to Lib of UTSZ

1. Go to the Home Page of UTL

You can search for books on campus by clicking to access UTL’s home page. Then select the "Print Collection" option. (See picture below)


2. Search via Titles, Authors, or Keywords

You can search books by title, author, keyword, etc. Enter the keywords in the text box and click “Search” button to get results. (See picture below).

*Note: The catalog you are searching is a union catalog for all the public libraries in Shenzhen. Your search results will include items not located at University Town Library. 


3. Choose from Results

After clicking the search button, you will be directed to the following page (see below) and you can find out how many results/items you retrieve. Then choose the book you want to read. 


4. Get Info in Details

On the following page, you will see more detailed information about the book including its title, author, bibliographic records, abstract, location, and availability.

If a book is available, you will see “can loan” in the upper left corner. In the location field, these are the most relevant locations for STL faculty and students.

“大学城” means University Town Library, and “大学城法律研究中心” means Legal Research Center (third floor of UTL).

“大学城西文馆”means Foreign language collections (third floor of UTL).

“大学城中文图书” means Chinese Collections (second floor of UTL).

*Note: The first three Chinese characters in each of the locations listed above “大学城” means the item is located in the University Town Library. In the “Status” field, “在馆” means it is available and not checked out. (See picture below)

However, if one book is not available, you will see “loaned” status on the upper left corner. In addition, you will know the return date of this item. (See picture below)

5. University Town Library Guide.

First Floor: Main entrance and exhibition hall.

Second Floor: Information and reference desk, Chinese collections and Chinese periodicals/journals, and group study rooms.

Third Floor: Foreign language collections, Legal Research Center, Cafeteria, group study room, and information retrieval center.

Fourth Floor: Academic hall and conference hall. For further assistance, please contact the STL law librarian.


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